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Teflon Gasket For Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe Line

Teflon Gasket For Copper Nickel Alloy Pipe Line   In the shipment, offshore , chemical industry, Teflon gasket will be used in the copper nickel pipe line installation.   1.Introduction of Material - Teflon Teflon is made of polytetrafluoroethylene polymer compounds, with excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance (is one [...]

Copper-Nickel alloy: a basic guide

Copper-nickel alloys, sometimes called cupronickel alloys, represent allots based on copper which is the base metal and nickel. In some cases, manufacturers use a few other elements like zinc (less than 1%). Copper-nickel alloy has been used in different industries for over one century now. This is an alloy [...]

what is copper nickel used for

What is the copper nickel? Copper nickel alloys (also referred to as cupronickel or cunifer ) are widely used for marine applications due to their excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, low macrofouling rates, and good fabricability. Copper Nickel has provided reliable service for decades while offering effective sea water pipe fittings system and oil [...]





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