Shihang Cuni Pipes

  • Good Raw Material
  • Good Dimensions
  • Material: CuNi 90/10 , CuNi 70/30
  • BV Approved Cuni Pipes
  • MTC EN10204 3.1 issued
  • Good to make cuni pipe fittings


BV Approved Cuni Pipe Manufacturer
Shihang , a cuni pipe manufacturer and supplier, has been approved by Bureau Veritas.Summary of recognition range:Cuni Pipe ( CuNi 90/10 C70600 , CuNi 70/30 C71500 ), CuNi Flanges & Fittings
0% Complaint Cuni Pipe Supplier
Shihang exported cuni pipes, flanges, fittings for 10 years and no any complaint from the end user. We have own testing laboratory and strong ability of QC.
Third Party Inspeciont Available
If the end user require third party inspection , it is available.Lots of third party inspection organization have inspected our cuni pipes , Such BV,SGS,ABS etc. Our cuni pipes are totally meet the different standard for cuni pipe specifications.
EN 10204 3.1 Certificate Each Order
Each order , our mill test certificate as per EN 10204 3.1 will be issued with the cuni pipes. Confirm our copper nickel pipes' dimension pressure rating chemical composition and others are totally meet with your requirements.

Shanghai Shihang is a leading cunifer pipe supplier, CuNi 90/10 cuNi 70/30 Pipe Manufacturer – Shihang for its valued clients.

Cuni pipes also named as CuNifer pipes , cuni10fe1.6mn pipes and cuni30fe1mn pipes.

Cuni pipes contain blend of copper and nickel with the balanced chemical composition to resist oxidation and corrosion efficiently.

Cuni pipes are also called copper nickel pipescopper nickel flanges and copper nickel pipe fittings forms a strong copper nickel pipe system.

These cuni pipes are smart products to function in caustic environments, such as ship & offshore platform.

CuNi Pipes Features

  • CuNi pipes carries strength to resist cracking pressures of decomposition and eroding therefore it’s wonderful in stress
  • CuNi pipes allow relieving in construction and resistant to fine pitting.
  • CuNi  90/10 copper nickel pipes protect the object from biofouling.
  • Inherent strength and chemical composition facilitate easy welding.

CuNi pipes Specifications

  • CuNi pipes Specifications are ASME B10M I DIN 86019 I EEMUA 144 I MIL-T-16420
  • Dimensions include ½ inches to 16 inches NB and OD in distinctive thickness.
  • Length is 6m or your required length.
  • Type is Welded | Seamless.
  • Ends are Plain | Beveled.
  • Grades of Copper Nickel are Cupro Nickel C71500 (70/30) | Cupro Nickel: C70600 (90/10).
  • Available in different sizes.
  • CuNi pipes pressure rating:
DIN86019PN10 , PN14
MIL-T-16420CLASS 200,CLASS 500

CuNi pipes Applications

  • CuNi pipes are widely used in condensers and piping mechanisms in seawaters.
  • CuNi pipes act as wonderful heat exchangers in the sea.
  • CuNi pipes are also used in industries of petrochemical, electrical and chemical industries.
  • Cuni pipe’s design and exterior features allow them to use efficiently for building boat industry, shipment building, marine engineering and desalination industry.

CuNi pipes Benefits

  • High resistant to corrosion and erosion.
  • Ease in welding capability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Efficient antifouling properties to prevent sea microorganisms.
  • Cuni pipes contain better attack resistance against impingement.
  • Cuni pipes provide the longer lifetime of assets in water and allow secure operations under adverse environmental conditions.
  • Cuni pipes are excellent in using marine hardware, crankshafts, fishing boats, propellers and structures of tugboats and other working boats.
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Cunifer pipes and cuni pipe fittings play an very important role on a lot of pipeline for many years.

You can see the cuni pipes on shipment , offshore gas and oil platform, sea water desalination plant and other plant.

Cuni pipes is normally used to transport sea water or other medium from one container to anthoer container.

Cuni pipes and other copper nickel pipe components such flanges and pipe fittings form a cuni pipe system.


1. What is cuni pipes?


shihang cuni pipes

Shihang Cuni Pipes


Cuni pipes is a straight pipes.

Normally , the length is 6 meter and the thickness is light.

The cuni pipes application don’t require high pressure rate.


2.What kind of cuni pipes?


Cuni pipes can be divided into two style.

  • Seamless
  • Welded

Cuni seamless pipes are normally the small size.

For shihang , we can supply DN 15 to DN 400.

It means the outer diameter is from 20 mm to 419mm.

For the cuni pipes cost and technial problem , OD 419 seamless pipes are the biggest seamless cuni pipes for all over the world.

It means shihang has the top production ability for cuni pipes.

Cuni seamless pipes are also the strongest cuni pipes.

For weled pipes , noramlly , shihang produce the cuni welded pipes by cuni plates.


3. Cuni pipe sizes


For cuni pipes dimension and schedule.

There are four main standard:

Please kindly check the cuni pipes size at above links.


4. Cuni pipes end.


Although there are four types , but in cuni pipes filed. Mainly , there are three. Actualy , these three type means three connection ways.

  • Plain end: the plain end is used for socket weld type welding or the end user buy the plain end cuni pipes , then they do the bevele by themselves.
  • Beveled end: Cuni pipes beveled ends is used for the butt welding type. And it the most common way to do the welding. The pipes only need to be beveled if the cuni pipes thickness is more than 3mm.
  • Threaded end: normally , only a little end user will require this type. End user buy the nipple ( the short pipe was threaded ) instead 6 meter threaded cuni pipes.


5. Cuni pipes Material

For cuni pipes material , they are main two kinds of material.

  • C70600
  • C71500

Cuni material

  • excellent resistance against biofouling,
  • no chlorination required.
  • excellent resistance against general- and localised corrosion.


C70600 ( CuNi 90/10 ) is most common material on marine, offshore oil and gas platform , FPSO , desalination plant , seawater pipe system.

C7150n ( CuNi 70/30 ) has much more anti-corrosion ability and expensive, but the biofouling is not good as c70600. So it ‘s mainly used in navy.

Please kindly check the cuni pipes chemical composition and mechanical property here.

1.DIN 86019

DIN 86019 2.1972 ( CuNi10Fe1.6Mn)
rem.9.0-11.01.5-1.80.5-1.0max. 0.05max. 0.01max. 0.005max. 0.02max. 0.05

2.EEMUA 144

EEMUA 144 UNS 7060X
Cu%Ni%Fe%Mn%C%Pb%S%P%Zn%Other imp.
Balance10.0- 11.01.5-2.00.5-1.0max 0.05max 0.01max 0.02max 0.02max 0.20max 0.30

3.ASME B36.19M

ASTM B466 C70600
Cu%Ni%Fe%Mn%C%Pb%S%P%Zn%Other imp.
Balance9.0-11.01.0-1.8max 1.0max 0.05max 0.02max 0.02max 0.02max 0.50


CuNiFer Pipes Physical Properties


ValuesUnitsCuNi 90/10CuNi 70/30
Density (20°C)kg/m389008900
Electrical Resistivity (20°C annealed)μΩ.cm1934
Thermal Conductivity (20°C to 200°C)W/m.°K5030
Coefficient of Expansion (20°C to 200°C)C x 10-61716
Modulus of Elasticity (20°C annealed)Mpa126 000126 000
Annealing Temperature°C760 – 800760 820
Melting Interval°C1100 – 11501180 1240
Magnetic Permeability (20°C annealed)1.08 – 1.80< 1.05


6.CuNi pipes inspection


Shihang is established in 1996 and 0% complaint happened before.

We have strong QC to make sure our cuni pipes are good quality.

We will do 5 inspection and random inspection when production.

Normally we do the inpection as below:

  • Visul Test

It is the most common and effective inspection method to check whether the cuni pipes are good or not.

You can see any damage such as tears , some marks after the maching or others.

  • Dimension

We use the caliper to make sure our cuni pips to meet the tolerance of different standards.

For the thickness ,  the tolerance of din 86019 standard is  ±10%.

For example , if the thickness is 3mm , the acceptable range is 2.7mm to 3.3mm.

  • Straightness

It it also required on the standard.

The maximum deviation from straight for tube sizes 4 in/108 mm and larger is the depth of arc measured from a straight edge 1 metre in length which shall not exceed 3.0 mm.


7.Cuni pipes marking


cuni pipes marking

Shihang Cunifer Pipes Marking


Our normal marking is

Manufacturer Logo + Size + Thickness + Material Grade + Heat No.

We can also do the cuni pipes marking as customers requirement.


8.Cuni pipes packing


cuni pipes packing

Shihang CuNi Pipes Packing


The cuni pipes length is 6 meter.

The cuni pipes sea worthy wooden case is load into the 40 GP containers.

We focus on the cuni pipes packing , so no damage happen before when transportation.


cuni pipes transportations

Shihang CuNi Pipes Transportation


9.CuNi Pipe Welding


copper nickel pipe welding

Cuni Pipe Welding


If you want to know more about cuni pipe welding, we have writing a ultimate guide for copper nickel pipe welding procedure

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    Question / Answer

    What Is CuNi pipes?

    Cuni pipes ( also called 90-10 copper nickel pipe & 70 30 copper nickel tube ) is the copper alloy which contains nickel as well as strengthening elements like manganese and iron. In spite of its increased copper content, cupro nickel pipes are silver in color.

    Cuni pipes specification is mainly astm b466 uns c70600 & uns c71500 for astm standard , uns c7060x ( EEMUA 144 ) for European standard.

    A cuni alloy is comprised of nickel and copper as its basic elements and without or with some other elements like zinc might be present by below 1%. Together with other elements, nickel will be added within the highest concentration following copper. Aside from nickel and copper, most industrial Cu-Ni alloys is likewise comprised of iron, manganese and tin so as to improve some features and casting alloys is comprised of silicon and niobium.

    This cuni alloy shows cuni pipes corrosion resistance in the seawater. Due to that, it can be used for piping systems, marine hardware, and for crankshafts, propellers, fishing boats, and hulls of the premium tugboats, including other forms of working boats. The cupronickel alloy technology was already known by people, especially the Chinese for a very long period of time until today. Cupro nickel pipes were used since the 3rd century BC, using the name white copper and with its resistance to corrosion, it was used in mostly corrosive environments.

    Cuni pipes is still in use for modern boat making. It’s uniquely qualified as a suitable candidate for the piping systems within the boat building industry because of its very own alloy properties which involve low generation corrosion rates in the sea water, resistance to pressure corrosion cracking because of ammonia in the seawater, extreme crevice corrosion resistance and stress corrosion because of chlorides, fine pitting resistance, ease of construction, inherent resistance to biofouling and ready weldability. You just need to gather the correct information about the cuni pipes pipe welding procedure.


    Other Info and Questions

    Shihang is copper nickel pipe suppliers for 90/10 copper nickel pipe , cuni pipes

    If you have any questions as below:

    • cuni pipe schedule chart
    • copper nickel pipe price
    • copper nickel pipe specifications
    • copper nickel pipe fittings catalogue
    • copper nickel pipe pressure rating
    • cuni pipe size chart
    • cuni 90/10 properties
    • copper nickel pipe weight calculator
    • copper nickel 90/10 chemical composition
    • copper nickel pipe wall thickness chart

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