Copper Nickel Composite Weld Neck Flanges

Copper nickel composite weld neck flange is made of inner flange , also called collar & backing flange (loose flange).The collar is welded with copper nickel pipes , the backing flange can be active. Collar is the sealing surface, the role of the backing flange is to press them. Because of collar is blocked, backing flange does not contact with the media. This flange connections are applied, in low-pressure and non critical applications, and is a cheap method of flanging , normally used in shipment.

    DIN 86037 Composite Weld Neck Flange

    Standard:DIN 86037


    Thickness and Pressure Rating:10bar , 14bar

    Material:Copper Nickel CuNi10Fe1,6Mn

    CuNi 90/10( C70600 ) , CuNi 70/30 ( C71500 )

    EEMUA 145 Composite Weld Neck Flange

    Standard:EEMUA 145 , EEMUA 234


    Thickness and Pressure Rating:16bar , 20bar

    Material:Copper Nickel UNS 7060X

    CuNi 90/10( C70600 ) , CuNi 70/30 ( C71500 )

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