Copper-Nickel alloy: a basic guide

//Copper-Nickel alloy: a basic guide

Copper-nickel alloys,

sometimes called cupronickel alloys, represent allots based on copper which is the base metal and nickel. In some cases, manufacturers use a few other elements like zinc (less than 1%). Copper-nickel alloy has been used in different industries for over one century now. This is an alloy that has a wide application.

copper nickel alloy pipes

Copper-nickel corrosion resistance

One of the main reasons why experts like copper-nickel alloy is the high level of corrosion resistance. Let’s take pipes based on copper-nickel as an example. When pipes are made from steel, iron or brass, they tend to get damaged over time as a result of corrosion. This makes these pipes useless in a marine environment or places exposed to high levels of water and moisture. On the other hand, copper-nickel alloys can resist the negative impact of salt and water for many years. It’s worth mentioning that the resistance can be improved by changing the content of the alloy. The best manufacturers like Shihang know how to create pipes and pipe fitting based on high-quality copper-nickel alloy.

Copper-nickel alloy properties

As previously mentioned, one of the best-known properties of this popular alloy is very high resistance to water/salt corrosion. Of course, the list of useful properties of this alloy doesn’t end here.

Besides corrosion resistance, this alloy has excellent resistance to macrofouling. This is important for industries that operate in open seas and oceans. Macrofouling is a term used to describe the buildup of plants, microorganisms, animals, and algae on wetted surfaces. Another important property of copper-nickel alloy is the excellent tensile strength. To put it simply, this material has a good capacity to resist and withstand heavy loads that tend to elongate. It also has great ductility or the ability to deform under tensile pressure. In the end, we should mention that copper-nickel alloys come with excellent thermal conductivity and useful antimicrobial properties too.

Copper-nickel alloy application

Copper-nickel alloy is mostly used in marine engineering. This is quite natural because as we said before this alloy has excellent seawater corrosion resistance and few other properties that make it perfect for an environment like this. From oil coolers and hulls of boats to brine heaters and piping systems – this alloy has become one of the most used materials in this specific type of engineering.

It’s also good to know that people have used it for coinage for even longer period of time. The properties we’ve mentioned before as well as the low allergy risk and ease of stamping have made it interesting for coinage. Copper-nickel alloy is also used in cryogenic applications and even for silver-plated cutlery.

Final thoughts

Copper-nickel alloy is a very useful kind of alloy that has found application in different industries and areas of our life. By using products made of this alloy created by professional companies like Shihang, you can rest assured that you will get the most from this alloy. Check the official website for more information about the products and services.


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