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Copper Nickel Pipeline Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Copper Nickel Pipeline Systems are used by many industries using seawater such as shipping, offshore oil and gas production, power plants and coastal industrial plants.

Seawater is mainly used for cooling purposes, but it is also found in oil field water injection, desalination plants, and fire-fighting.

This book will provide a basic overview of the Copper […]

By Shihang

Copper Nickel Welding Guide

Are you looking for the copper nickel pipe welding procedure?

If so, then you are reading the right guideline about it.

This book will provide a basic overview of the welding process and an insight into copper-nickel alloy welding operations.

Copper-nickel Welding

Chapter 1: What is Copper-nickel Welding?
Chapter 2: What Alloys are used?
Chapter 3: Introduction […]

By Shihang

Corrosion and Protection of Marine Seawater Pipeline

Ship piping system is the connection of the main and vice machine and related equipments, seawater piping play an important role of cooling equipments, fire fighting, ballast water treatment and others, which is extremely important in ship piping system.

Metal pipes are  widely used, and they will face corrosion problem because its transmission medium is […]

By Shihang